Food Think

FoodThink is an exciting gourmet lifestyle food brand that we have recently launched at Sahuwala Group. At FoodThink, we strive to address the new-age need for nutritious foods that tackles the myth that healthy cannot be tasty. Its our endeavor to be at the cutting edge of food technology and offer products and services across the food value chain.

FoodThink products are ‘Conveniently Tasty, Surprisingly Healthy’ and the concept revolves around versatile health foods that are easy to incorporate into our daily life without compromising on taste. We are currently offering 3 wheat based products as a part of our portfolio that are all natural and freshly roasted: ‘Toasted Wheat Germ’, ‘Superfine Wheat Bran’ & ‘Roasted Semolina with Bran Flakes’. Our products are freshly packaged and do not contain any preservatives or improvers. We are currently available online on & www.healthy as well as offline in Dorabjee’s and Godrej Natures Basket Pune. We are scientifically developing unique nourishing food products that transcends all cuisines and age groups. Visit our website for more information.

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